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StormForce Inferno Review: the ultimate glass cannon

StormForce Inferno Gaming PC

“The StormForce Inferno is a mighty machine, capable of running almost any game at 1080p or 1440p”


Tech spec:
> Windows 10 Home
> Intel Core i7-6700K Processor
> 32GB RAM
> 4TB Hard Drive

Some of the great comments from the review include:

“The new Doom handles like a dream on this setup, running at a solid 45-60 fps at 4K with the highest possible settings. Sweet”

“The i7-6700K makes quite work of most compute-intensive tasks, and the GTX 980 TI assists ably in 3D-accelerated programs”

“The SSD is fast enough to make booting Windows and various programs a breeze, while the 4TB mechanical drive is big enough for years of stored photos, videos and music”


“The StormForce Inferno is a super solid gaming PC, with nicely selected components carefully wrapped up in a pretty case”

You can read the full review at XSReviews

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