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Windows 8 Upgrade Information


Zoostorm has tested several systems for upgrade to Windows 8. The results of Zoostorm testing produced the following step-by-step instructions and a clean install option for upgrading the following systems to Windows 8.

Click here to view the list of tested Zoostorm systems that support an upgrade to Windows 8. The minimum system requirements for a successful upgrade are:

Windows 8 Pro system requirements for certain features are:

Zoostorm has also tested the following systems, which does not support an upgrade to Windows 8; 3310-9330, 3310-9600, 3310-9601, 3310-9620, 3310-9621, 3310-9500 – These systems have not met the minimum screen resolution requirements (1366 x 768).

You have 2 ways of upgrading your Zoostorm PC to Windows 8 except the ones above that dont support an upgrade to Windows 8. Please click an option below for support:

1) Upgrade a computer that is running Windows 7 to Windows 8 by migrating files, applications and settings to the new operating system.

2) Clean Installation of Windows 8.

After you’ve completed your upgrade, You’ll need to update your drivers:

Update Drivers

For more information email who will help you update your drivers.