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Can I upgrade my unit?

Yes, you can upgrade your unit but we would advise that you keep hold of the original parts as we would require the unit to be reverted back to how it was originally supplied for any repair.

Will I void my warranty by upgrading?

You will only void your warranty if you cause any damage to the unit or components.

How do I log a support claim?

You can call or email us and you will need the Serial number of the unit, to help you with your query you will need to be next to the unit that has developed the fault.

Do you offer support once my warranty has expired?

Yes, we will still offer support once your warranty has expired via Phone or email. If the unit needs to come in house for repair then this would be chargeable.

Can you help with software issues?

No, we can only support on hardware issues.

WIFI is not connecting

If your unit has built in WIFI you will need to screw the WIFI Aerial to the back of the tower.

How do I set up my Zoostorm unit

All of our units are plug in and play, all you need to do is connect the lead to a power supply.

My unit is not powering on

Is the switch at the back of the tower set to on, if yes please contact us.